Quality Policy

At Milhous Company, we provide our customers with products that meet our strict quality standards because we believe that quality and trust are the foundations of a strong business relationship. Every Milhous employee has an impact on the quality of our products and is dedicated to meeting or exceeding our goals.

We demonstrate our commitment to excellence by ensuring that:

  • Our products meet or exceed customer specifications
  • We develop and maintain good relationships with our customers
  • Our products are delivered on-time in order for customers to meet important deadlines
  • We fulfill our customer, quality, and regulatory requirements
  • The effectiveness of our quality management system is reviewed, maintained, and continually improved.
  • We provide a safe and friendly working environment for all employees.

We are committed to ensuring that these principles are upheld in all of our activities and that any discrepancies are promptly and thoroughly examined.

QA SIgMark Milhous, President
Milhous Company,LLC