Ball MatrixSimple, Effective Electromagnetic Fluid Filtration


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At Milhous Company, we are a pioneering and influential manufacturer of electromagnetic fluid filltration systems for the industrial, power generation, laboratory, and commercial markets. Since our inception, we have installed many systems and have a long history of service to some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world. We work with clients from project inception to deliver solutions that promote safer, and cleaner process streams while reducing operating and energy expenses.

The BallMatrixTM system removes more than 99% of suspended magnetic contaminates as well as concentrations of paramagnetic materials and other magnetically susceptible solids. We offer a number of standard systems to accommodate a range of pressure, flow, and temperature conditions as well as custom designed systems built to accommodate your individual application.

The BallMatrix fluid filtration systems are field-proven to increase the efficiency of fluid process streams in removing magnetic particles. Designed for automatic operation and low power consumption, they help reduce process operating expenses. The Milhous BallMatrix filter is the only system on the market that will never require a bed replacement. Self-cleaning filter beds require no maintenance and are designed to a 40 year service life specification.Featuring large flow capacities, our systems provide effective performance with maintenance free operation.

All system components are professionally manufactured from the finest quality raw materials. Built to ASME, NEMA, ANSI, and ASTM standards, they hold both CE and TUV approvals. With our advanced manufacturing facility, multi-disciplined staff, and decades of experience, we have the resources to successfully meet the most stringent specifications.

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Large Pump
General Capabilities
Electromagnetic Fluid Filtration Systems
Boiler Systems, Paint Systems
Fluid Process Streams (All Fluids)
Increase Efficiency of Process System
Lower Energy Costs
Decreases Maintenance
Power Efficient in Operations
No Maintenance Required on Filter Bed
  • Self-cleaning Bed
  • No replacement of Bed Media
  • 40 Year Life Design

Low Power Consumptions (Max 30 amps)
Very Large Flow Capacity
Automatic Operation
98%+ Efficient
Filtration Performance
Removes 95% of:
  • Suspended magnetic contaminates
  • Iron Oxide (Fe304 / magnetite)
  • 90% of total iron

Paramagnetic Materials
(It has to have a certain percentage of magnetic
particles for it to be attracted and removed)
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Cobalt
  • Other Magnetically Susceptible Solids

  • Iron Fouling of Resin Beds
  • Cost of Chemical Cleaning
  • Cartridge Filtration Use
  • Manual Waste Disposal


Industry Focus
Nuclear Power
Oil & Gas
Public Water Systems
High Purity Water
Food Industry
Beverage Industry
Industry Standards
ISO 9001:2015 (Compliant)
National Electric Code

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